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During the run of the radio program Lucy appeared in two feature films with Bob Hope, Sorrowful Jones inand Fancy Pants in Unexpectedly the rebroadcasts proved to be ratings winners, effectively giving birth to the rerunwhich would later lead to the profitable development of the rerun syndication market.

Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America. When it ceased production as a weekly series inI Love Lucy was still the number one series in the country. One choice was actress Barbara Pepperwho was a close friend of Ball. Ball was many things, including a great physical comedienne, but one thing she was not was an improviser or extemporaneous speaker.

When Buffo the Clown has a bike accident at rehearsal, Ricky sends him to the Ricardo apartment to rest up, and Lucy connives to take his place in the show. Lucille had worked with Bea Benaderet in radio and wanted her to play Ethel Mertz.

Pepper was favored by Lucy herself; however, CBS refused on the grounds that Pepper suffered from a drinking problem too, which was far more severe than Frawley's.

Though some television series were already being filmed in Hollywood, most used the single-camera format familiar from movies, with a laugh track added to comedies to simulate audience response.

The baby was born on the same day the Ricardo birth would be aired on television -- yet another stroke of luck for the show. Most sponsors, including Philip Morris, found this to be undesirable as most of the television audience lived east of the Mississippi at the time. Unlike some programs that advance the age of a newborn over a short periodI Love Lucy at first allowed the Little Ricky character to grow up in real time.

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One event they shared with American audiences -- both on and off screen -- was the birth of their second child and first son, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha IV. He was willing to cover the thirty thousand dollars to shoot the episode if the contract was in fact pulled.

When Lucy hid dozens of eggs and then danced the tango with Ricky resulting in the inevitable blouse full of scrambled yolksthe audience roared for so long that ultimately some of the laughter had to be edited out in the final film.

Audience reactions were live, thus creating a far more authentic laugh than the canned laughter used on most filmed sitcoms of the time.

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Intwo years after their marriage dissolved, Lucy bought out Desi's shares of Desilu, becoming the studio's sole owner.

In fact, their acrimonious personal relationship may have helped their onscreen marriage be that much funnier. Despite steadily working in pictures, Lucy's movie career never advanced to the level of a headlining feature-film actress; nevertheless she remained popular with movie audiences.

They filmed the original pilot while Lucy was "showing", but did not include any references to the pregnancy in the episode. The first episode to air, preceded by the first of many Philip Morris cigarette commercials, was titled "The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub: For personal reasons Ball and Arnaz wanted to stay in Hollywood, but they also wanted to take advantage of movie industry production facilities and to ensure the long-term value of their series by capturing it on film.

Lucy memorabilia is just as popular now as it was in her day, and shops and cafes with names such as "I Love Sushi," "I Love Ricky," and "I Love Juicy" keep the spirit alive as well.

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On-screen, the friendships were genuine, but off-screen, they could be strained at times. Mary Jane Croft Ralph Ramsey Lucy Meets Charles Boyer: Marc, 28 This technique would be used in classic sitcoms to come: However, for the season, Little Ricky suddenly aged by two years, becoming a young school-age boy from to Aside from its comedic value, the show made strides in the fifties that made possible what we see in television today: Multiple cameras would also allow scenes to be performed in sequence, as a play would be, which was unusual at the time for filmed series.

Ball had initially wanted both actors to reprise their roles on television; however, both were unavailable at the time the show went into production as Benaderet was already playing Blanche Morton on The Burns and Allen Showand Gordon was under contract by CBS to play Mr.

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Syracuse University Press, Her acts of rebellion--taking a job, performing at the club, concocting a money-making scheme, or simply plotting to fool Ricky--are meant to expose the absurd restrictions placed on women in a male-dominated society. Together the three would sketch out episode ideas--many of which were based on scripts from the radio series.

At the police station, Lucy and Ethel are uncertain about bailing them out. Little, Brown and Company, The foursome starts decorating the tree and discussing Little Ricky's Christmas gifts, as Ethel realizes: The Red Scare, despite the pain and trauma it incurred on so many, had little effect on the ratings of I Love Lucy.

This dynamic is established in the pilot episode--when Lucy disguises herself as a clown in order to sneak into Ricky's nightclub act--and continues throughout the entire series.

In fact, their acrimonious personal relationship may have helped their onscreen marriage be that much funnier.When Little Ricky shows a natural talent for the drums, Lucy and Ricky clash over whether he should be a professional drummer when he grows up.

I Love Lucy debuted on CBS in October and was an immediate sensation.

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It spent four of its six prime-time seasons as the highest-rated series on television and never finished lower than third place.

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The Best of I Love Lucy (Volume 4) contains many classic episodes from the fifth season of I Love Lucy. Lucy and Ethel get into hot water after they steal John Wayne's footprints from the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 'Lucy and John Wayne'.

Oct 15,  · Watch video · "I Love Lucy" is one of my faves guaranteed to elicit a constant belly laugh from me. Great way to start any day!

Ball's comic timing in her scenes has NEVER been surpassed. Since I was born in this is also somewhat of an opportunity to see what life in America was like when I was a mischievous child.

Today, of course, we know more than we /10(K). Oct 15,  · Watch video · When the show was cancelled the new I Love Lucy started in the fall of It was very funny and was the talk of everyone. Now over 50 /10(20K).

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